Saturday, October 1, 2016


So, a couple of years ago, I came across a thread where  girls and ladies were asking each other about using Stametta to induce abortion. Most of the reasons given were about being unable to raise a child. I commented with my number (0618473640)and talked about adoption as an option.

Thankfully most who kept their pregnancies went on to parent, but two did decide to use the adoption option. One spoke to a social worker after delivery, and one went to a pregnant women's shelter. The rest..went on to abort.

But then someone else also found that thread. Didn't see my comment and posted the same response but used their contact details. Coincidentally, they found me on Facebook after that, on a totally different topic and as we got to know each other, realised we'd commented on the same thread.

In this person's words - they "got freaked out" by the females seeking advice so she spoke to the admin to remove her comment. Admin removed the entire page.

I was gutted. Now the ladies who need support to sustain their pregnancies, to be good mothers would be helpless. Lots of the young women still keep in touch. Ask for medical advice and just need help. One lives with her mother but her mother has no clue about things like oral thrush etc. I loved being able to soothe fears and say when it was time to go to the clinic.

I enjoyed having them know and feel valued. It's no coincidence that the ones in crisis pregnancy are either orphaned or living with one unloving parent. Recipe for falling for the wrong guy. The ways they'd say they'd never found someone as nice as me, as caring as me... I felt useful for once. I felt I was living for more than my family. I felt like I was making a difference.

Sometimes I was helpless. Extreme poverty is awful. Hungry and unable to feed themselves, let alone another child. No job. No helpful relatives...

Then..the two babies. Saved from home abortion attempts. I know survivors who are disabled. I know of girls who have bled terribly, events through their eyes, after trying to abort using Stametta.

Do not do this. You are killing yourselves.

So again, here, in the hopes someone else will search. I offer the chance to put your child in foster care, the chance to stay in a home and be fed and nurtured... The chance of a listening ear as you decide what to do... WhatsApp me on 0618473640. No judgment. Just resources to people who can help you.