Saturday, October 1, 2016

Funny Sad

Yes, the posts had dried up anyway... This is just the culmination of something brewing for a while.

I've always mentioned how the lack of 'community vibe' on social media doesn't feel great. I've stopped posting on Facebook and I'm now quitting on here. I realised something.

I dislike having stalkers silent readers.

I have always made sure I commented on people's blogs so they knew what they were saying mattered, touched me, made me laugh/sad/angry or was helpful. But that doesn't happen on social media. Twitter has been nice because I see what gets re-tweeted, loved and respected get responses from people I don't know without living out my entire life like I do here and on Facebook.

Two Sundays ago, someone else who was a friend in real life but has never said a word said they know how we are because they read my thoughts.

I. Don't. Want. That

I actually hate it. They're not the first but it finally irked me enough that I stopped sharing any recent news at all. Why should someone know "how" I am while I know nothing about how they are nor do I even know they're reading?

It feels uncomfortable. Which is not why I began this blog nor continued it.

I was telling a friend earlier on this week that it feels like my posts are a TV series that people just enjoy watching for entertainment. If people really care, they can email or WhatsApp to find out how I am. I don't like being entertainment.

I'll do one more post about something else. And end here. I've deleted all my other posts. Real friends know my contact details. I keep stopping and starting, because writing is my life. I can't imagine not writing. People say they enjoy reading and that it's necessary. But those are my friends, so I can write to them privately.

Thanks for following along. All the best with your special needs child! It's a tough journey. Makes parenting that much more intense and anxiety -filled.  You mentioned that you sometimes stay home because it's easier. Have many blessed Sabbaths at home with your dear children.

Mercy, thanks for always responding so I know you're here too. As you struggle to make sense of life where our race still determines how people view our (lack of) intelligence and decide where we live, I hope you find a path where you come across people who won't assume anything but learn to know you before assuming anything about you.

Flydah,? See you on Messenger ;-)

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