Sunday, July 30, 2017

For I, the Lord Thy God Am a Jealous God

As much as I would love to speak for all wounded wives, I cannot. Because I cannot understand them all. As much as I would love to counsel all types, I cannot. One thing we were taught is that you are not required -as a Counselor - to counsel EVERYBODY who comes seeking it. You might realise you just don't fit together well, the person might need more than plain counseling, you might despise the person and be unable to be objective and impartial. At that point, you refer them elsewhere.

I cannot speak for the woman who when the husband has left the home, calls the family to get him to come back. If he's gone, he's gone. His heart has left and you're only bringing the heartache into your space while he continues his sexcapades where you BOTH live. I can understand getting him to continue financially caring for your child(ren) but this... I do NOT understand. I'm of the mindset, "If you cannot love me the way I deserve to be loved, go. I'd rather be alone than to love someone who does not know what love is."

God referred to idolatry as "going awhoring after other gods, adultery, breaking covenant..." And that is how I feel when a man knits his heart or body with an interloper, his idols, his false wife. He has gone to his idols and in the same vein where God said, "Ephraim has join himself to idols, LET HIM ALONE," I too would let him go. Which is why the only reason I would choose to stay, is if he said he was sorry and still wanted the marriage. I don't want someone who doesn't want me and me ALONE. After all, that's what Christian marriage is about.

I understand the woman who leaves him to go enjoy himself with his mistress. The one who knows her worth and knows she is worth fighting for, not against. I can't put myself in the shoes of the one who begs for another woman's scraps. I cannot counsel. I just sympathise. And hope she never looks back and wonders why she brought him back to inflict continued pain  when she could have moved on long ago instead.

You do not deserve pain. Do not force a man to come back. If he will not do it for God, for you, for his vows, but because of what people are saying, he's not really BACK.

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