Monday, July 31, 2017

Housewife- What's in a title?

 Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.Ps 127:3

The other day when I took Little Guy to the hospital for testing, the admin lady asked what my occupation is. Honestly, I feel more like a homeschool teacher, but that isn't really a 'known' thing. In that it doesn't appear on forms where you're meant to tick a box. Usually I say homemaker, but I forgot, so just said housewife.

She very quickly and emphatically typed, "home executive."

Ha ha.

I always laugh when these folk 'champion' what I do so much. I just feel like, "Ugh, whatever. I know what it's like to be a present mom, house cleaner, teacher and all. If others look down on the title, too bad for them, I know what God thinks, and that's all that matters."

It's not about the title. It's about the job. And I just had the most wonderful, blessed feeling just now. Yes, I did have the "How do we get this girl to be perfectly behaved?" moment, but wow. Just wow. How did I ever get four blessings?

I had always dreamt of adopting, ever since I was ten and read about an abandoned baby placed on a doorstep. I just 'knew' a mother would place her baby in my care, and it happened. And then we got another one. And despite two threatened losses after being diagnosed as infertile, I had two children. How? How did I get this when the journey is so difficult for other people? How come my losses were just threatened, not real? Why was my adoption journey so short? How did our little girl survive a blood infection that kills others? How was I so blessed with so much love?

I have four children.

A security guard (His accent sounded like he was from the DRC)at my friend's work once asked, "As these your children?" And I responded in the affirmative. He looked so happy as he exclaimed, "Nice! You are lucky!"

I am lucky. I am blessed. I may not have material luxuries, but I am blessed with children. So important are children that God took the Egyptians' ones away as final punishment. He knew there was no greater loss. And it was punishment for what they'd done to the Hebrews. Children. So precious.

As that man marvelled at how lucky I was, I was a mother. Mom. Plain old mom.

What's in a title? What's in this title?


Whether you have one, three or 6... They are blessings. Cherish them, mom. They'll grow up and lthese days will be gone, all gone and you'll remain Mom but without the actual 'verb.'.

Housewife doesn't cut it. Home executive sounds pretentious.

You are a mother. Occupied with raising children for God. You mother (them.) All day. Every day.

But, we'll use homemaker for now.

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