Monday, August 28, 2017

Dear Adventist Mom Who Educates Her Children At Home

Do you ever stop and think, "Wow, this is a heavy responsibility?" Do you ever stop and realise, "I can't undo what I did yesterday. I can't pick up what I dropped and broke yesterday, I only have today, because tomorrow is not promised us?" Do you ever look at your children's lessons and think, "This speaks to me too?"

I have newcomers so bogged down in the 'hows, whens and what thens' that they forget why we are doing this. We gently take them back to the decision. "You have to keep reminding yourself about why you want to homeschool your child. If you do, then HOW you do it won't matter." Don't get bogged down in how the world out there does school. If it was that important, you'd be sending them out there. You have a different reason. The hours spent teaching the moral of the Grammar lesson based on Solomon's writings will be a blessing that they might remember longer than they'll remember where the subject stops and the predicate starts.

Maths is about counting blessings more than it's about counting in fours. History is about the story of redemption more than it's about who 'discovered/invaded' which land. Geography is about the spread of the gospel more than it's about the mountains found in Switzerland. Your homeschool is more than about academics. So much more. It's about reading together to knit your hearts together in ties of love and mutual respect. It's about learning how to be better people from the pages of their comprehension lesson. When it asks your child what lesson the boy learnt from the consequences of disobeying his father and doing something naughty with his friend, it is a gentle reminder to you to obey your Father instead of doing something rebellious with your friend.

Educating our children, when we do it from a Christian standpoint, is a heavy responsibility. Academics won't change your child's soul. So-called intelligence won't make them moral, principled citizens. Learning how to multiply won't keep them from breaking their spouses' hearts. Only God will.

Homeschooling is a heavy responsibility because we have to teach our children that we cannot teach them anything, only God can. We have to teach them to go to HIM, not us, for guidance, for we are fallible. We have to teach our children to dig deeper than we know, so they may be better than we are. Our role is to make our children BETTER. Better than us, better than our parents, better humans, citizens... And if we ourselves have not been sitting at the feet of the Great Teacher, we will fail. And if our children fail, it will be our fault.

As you plan your lessons for your children, remember this. Adam sinned, Lucifer fell. But God was not to blame, they were given every advantage but still chose the wrong path. God forbid, if our children fail, may it not be because we spent so much time emphasising academics and intellectual attainments that we forgot the One Who gave us intelligence. But it be fully their own choosing. May we be able to say,"We did our part,we educated them for heaven..and also earth."

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