Saturday, August 12, 2017

Sabbath Thoughts : Christ in My Friends

If there's any group that I believe has it 'hard,' it's women. We are the ones who are to have a "meek and quiet spirit," who are to dress humbly while the world dresses so differently (men in the workplace are generally as covered up as they've always been so choosing modesty isn't that different) and we are the ones who are to submit.

Imagine finding out you've been submitting to a man who wasn't submitting to God!? Your whole marriage becomes a sham and you start second guessing every decision. After all, he wasn't in the right place spiritually and was OBVIOUSLY making harmful decisions!
But I only know of one person - not a friend - who completely lost it. My friends have been different.

They have never lived the "throw his clothes out the house and burn the car" or whatever angry reaction the movies used to show. Instead, they have shared their burdens and been taunted by so-called friends and hurt by relatives. Yet still, they reacted with grace. Voices were not raised in angry slur and demeaning words about their husbands' manhood (this has happened with people I know but she wasn't a friend) and hatred has never sprung forth from their hearts, just despair, profound sorrow, despair and depression. One of my friends had a profile picture on whatsapp that stated, "What I've gone through would kill you." It's true. No way I could handle the different forms of emotional and physical abuse she has suffered. But still, she turns the other cheek, praying for him.

I have seen Christ in my wounded friends. I am in awe. They have not attacked, not besmirched their husband's floozies or sent them threatening messages (Yes, this has happened out there.) They have preferred to be broken rather than to break. To stay and try to overcome the hurt while looking in the face of one who broke their covenant. They have not hidden the look of sorrow that Christ gave Peter, but they are ready for their husbands to be broken by guilt and become better versions of themselves. Never have they spoken disparaging words about their husbands. Never. They've just detailed what has happened, and shared their emotions. Again, I am in awe.

Christ is in my friends. If you are one of them, or someone like them, your very brokeness is a testimony to the God Whose presence you no longer truly see in your life. I will never condemn you for not going to church, for I commend you for being able to draw breath each day while remembering to honour the Sabbath while feeling God left you. I am proud of you for having the courage to admit that your faith is floundering. That you find it hard to talk to God. The fact that you have never railed against God, never said an angry word against Him nor doubted His sovereignty means one day you will be able to heal your relationship with Him. He's not going anywhere. And I'm glad you are still around to see the Son shine when the storm of extreme pain and shock will be over. 

Shabbat shalom.

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