Thursday, August 24, 2017

You Will Pass the Testing of Your Faith

when you can sing "It is well with my soul" in your  darkest hours.

You will pass that test when feel like nothing on the Christian path is right yet you're expected to trust the Sun of Righteousness Who bids you walk on it.

So many dark moments written in the Bible. Look at faithful Uriah and how he was killed. Stephen... Christ on the cross without even His Father's presence to comfort Him in the hour of His greatest need.

When you can look at the shadow of death as it creeps over you and yet your dying breath is that it is well...

You will have passed.

You don't have to say it today.
Nor tomorrow.
But the day you are able to, will be the day you add one more weapon to your armory in this great battle.

And you will join others who learnt the hard way that it is pointless boasting of your faith when it is not being tested

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