Monday, September 4, 2017

Are You A Survivor?

I meet so many 'needy' people. Survivors. Orphaned, abandoned by baby daddies, cheated on, abused... So many survivors that I spend so much time admiring them that I forget that I too am a survivor.

It only comes to mind when someone says they're scared to be put to sleep for a thirty minute procedure and I think, "Wow, you're an adult and you've never been under anesthetic? My first operation was when I was three and my most recent sedation was three years ago! You mean it's not that normal to have been in numerous hospital beds?"

Or when they complain that they're feeling awful and you ask why and what they're describing is the IBS I've dealt with for two decades and they've only dealt with it for 2 days. And I think, "Ja, I must be hardened. This is so normal that no-one even knows when I have a flare up. I just don't bother anymore."

There is lots that has happened either emotionally or physically that hasn't happened to others that has made me realise how 'bad' things have been. And yet, still I rise.

I know that some Christians are so moved by the plight of others that they forget to take an objective look at their own lives to see where they've come from.

And if you forget to look back to see how far you've come, how will you remember to thank God for having led you thus far?

Looking back shouldn't be self-indulgent. It shouldn't be to compare scars. It shouldn't be to boast. But it should happen. How else will you count your blessings properly if you forget the ones behind you? It's not about what you suffered, it's about how you are thriving despite the suffering. It's about Who got you through those dark days. It's about the One we should thank for having been our fiery pillar in the dead of night when all around was darkness and we never thought we'd see the light of day we are currently in.

It's about acknowledging that we survived the storm with the Captain still firmly steering on in the quiet waters..

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