Healthy Hair

I don't need no relaxer, my hair ain't stressed!

That's taken from a picture I saw on FB.

And that's precisely my attitude.

I started this natural, knotty and nice journey in 2008 and haven't ever regretted.

It had been my mission to grow my hair and it was working. I've mentioned before how hairstylists wanted me to be their hair models. Men admired it and asked about it.

But i'm into health more than looks and so when I read an article in a (predominantly white-the irony)newspaper about the dangers of braid extensions, tight plaits and relaxers, I made the decision to take care of my body temple:from head to toe.

Out went the braids, out went the relaxers, out went the mainstream shampoos and moisturisers and in came the new me. Baridlocked, making my own spritzes and using homemade natural products.

I transitioned for a few months. I'd started my braidlocks with less than a centimetre of natural hair and I cut my relaxer hair off in Feb 2009. It was traumatic after all the years I'd spent (supposedly)cultivating it but it's been worth it.

I've had to fight a lot with my mother-no idea why it bothered her so much-but at last the sarky comments are over. My daughter also has braidlocks, though hers are still in the baby stage.

One side benefit? The dandruff I used to struggle with is a thing of the past!