Happy Homeschool

I’m pretty sure I did enumerate the reasons I homeschool, but I can’t find it, so I might as well re-state the reasons.
1. Crime in South African schools was already at scary levels. The day I read of a 13yr old girl being raped by fellow PUPILS at a school nearby, just cemented it.
2. Bullying is a concern in many countries. I’d rather not subject my children to others being physically or verbally abusive towards them. It’s my job to protect my children, especially at this young age.
3. I believe that children need a foundation that’s firmly grounded in goodness. I have no clue what other children are exposed to so exposing my children to them is risky. I’ve mentioned before how at age 3 I was racially abused and had my shoulder dislocated by a fellow pupil whose parents had taught that child to hate black people. We don’t watch most TV programs, so my children have no clue about the things I see other children doing-shooting with guns, wrestling, talking about magic etc. Why send them to school where others will tell them about it? Plus recently I was told by a mother of how their child-under the age of ten-has been propositioned by other pupils to have intercourse!
4. I’m a VERY strong old-fashioned Adventist who believes the Bible and the writings by one of our founders should be taken seriously. So..If I could find a Christian, Sabbath-keeping school that had rules about modesty-and that includes no pants on girls, that emphasised a healthy vegan diet, that emphasised the Bible and nature, that didn’t include lies aka fiction in their syllabus, outdoor activity, using our hands to gain practical skills, character development, no competitive sports, a balance between academics and physical activity, training missionaries,that was out in the countryside and not in the city..I’d send my children there.
5. Because of the above points, I therefore believe that it is MY duty to educate my children to abide by Christian principles. To love God and their fellow man and to know what is truly important ie.  A godly character, not an academic achievement. But at the same time, this doesn’t mean they aren’t taught to do their best. They need to, in the same way everyone needs to do their work heartily, as unto the Lord. Who needs to compete against other children to learn that principle?
I’m sure I could think of many other reasons why I chose to educate my children at home. No, why WE chose to educate our children at home. But this will suffice for now.