Health and Veganism

Christianity permeates every decision I make, including what I put into my body-temple. So..I think we all know that vegan. preferably raw, is the way to go. For my health, not for the lovey-dovey 'save the animals' type reasons that others have. Nothing wrong with it, but these folk sometimes forget they are wearing leather shoes. Or say they don't want to kill living things, but plants are living too...

Yes, calcium is important, but you can get it from other vegetable sources and certain beans too-without the excessive protein found in dairy that actually LEACHES calcium from our bones.

I don't eat chocolate (Only because it tends to be mixed with sugar and milk) I don't drink carbonated drinks, I don't put anything that I believe is harmful into, or ONTO, my body. So I don't drink alcohol, have never eaten any of the unclean foods mentioned in the book of Leviticus, I try to avoid breaking my 'diet' as much as possible though I'm not fanatic about it. If I'm in a rural place and the only thing available is an egg, I'd eat it..I think. Just the thought of it makes me feel a bit sick though. Shows how long ago I last ate an egg!

Plus, in Eden, we know what the diet was and I believe that's the diet we'll eat in heaven, so why not start practicing now? :-)

I also exercise so my heart and body are healthy. Plus I enjoy it.