Why Adoption?

Why did we, a family that has biological family, decide to adopt? Why not?

We had felt that it was silly to "make" children when children already in existence need families. But also, I wanted to experience pregnancy once. So the plan was hatched. One bio and one adopted.

God had other ideas and gave us two bio-very close together. In fact, the boy was only 3 months old when we realised number 2 wasn't going to be an adopted child.

So here we are...3 children and counting. Two bio, one adopted and one adopted on the way.


CaribSun said...

Beautiful family! God bless you all.

tinavr1 said...

Very cool to see. Gives me hope in humanity to find other people who understand the need for adoption in the world. To a fellow vegan and adoptive parent, GOOD JOB. You're amazing. Keep it up :)